Pillars of Engagement

Love of the Game represents a meeting of minds from across sport, science, business, technology and government. With an open-source approach to information sharing and an unwavering focus on driving actionable solutions, the initiative will address the following three pillars of engagement: Education Diagnosis Treatment Prevention


The Love of the Game aims to: • Reduce risk to players and speed recovery• Reduce risk of early onset dementia in athletes• Maintain sports as we know and love them• Reduce fear of taking part• Lengthen sporting careers• Encourage inter-sport collaboration on concussion-related issues

Our Mission

Protect the player. Protect the sport. We are an impassioned community of athletes, players, fans, innovators and experts, united by our love of sport and the desire to, not only protect players of all ages from the potentially devastating impact of head injuries, but also to protect the integrity of the sports we know and …


Love of the Game is a new campaign which seeks to reduce concussion-related issues arising from contact and non-contact sports. LOTG takes a solutions-based approach to developing new technologies that prevent, diagnose and treat head injuries in sport.