Love of the Game seeks to unite the fields of sport, technology, science, academia and business to identify, invest and implement innovative solutions that will mitigate the health risks arising in so many sports, whether team or individual, contact or non-contact.
Through our unique network of supporters representing the UK’s major sports, government, academic institutions and business, we seek to drive awareness and funding of the research and development of solutions to aid in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of head injuries, concussion and related problems.
With our collective passion, goodwill and expertise our aim is to reduce, manage or cure concussion related injuries, ensure the longevity of players’ games and careers, and safeguard the integrity of the sports we know and love.

Meet the Team

Medical Adviser, Professor Mike Parker BSc, MS, FRCS, FRCS(Ed), FCASE

Professor Mike Parker is a retired consultant surgeon who holds, or has held, a number of leadership positions in Royal Colleges and Societies across medicine and surgery. BIOGRAPHY

Our Legendary Ambassadors

We are proud to have the support of a range of incredible ambassadors from across the sporting world, who provide advice and encouragement and help deliver our cause.