The UK Government has issued a detailed action plan to deal with Concussion in Sport. Love of the Game (LOTG) and our Chairman, Laurence Geller, are integral to planning and delivery.

This comes in response to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s (DCMS) Select Committee earlier this year.

LOTG President Simon Shaw was interviewed by DCMS in advance of the Govt launch : “What is the point in waiting?”


See the full report here: Government response to DCMS Select Committee Report on Concussion in Sport

See an overview and interviews with Simon Shaw and Laurence Geller here: Summary

We are really pleased to be working with Government to identify technology that could mitigate concussion in sport

Simon Shaw MBE, President, LOTG

Laurence Geller CBE, UK government independent concussion advisor and chairman of Love of the Game said:

“All of us recognise the importance of sport in our lives. Whether professional or amateur, whatever age or skill level, we want to enjoy our sports whilst being protected from the potentially life changing impacts of head injuries; I therefore warmly welcome the work Government is doing to prevent and treat concussion in sport.”

“By making the game safer, we make the game better for everyone. But it’s not about changing the rules: it’s about working with experts from the medical profession, science and technology to devise protocols, knowledge, and equipment to allow us all to continue playing the sports we love.”

“I am pleased to have been able to work with the Government to capitalise on the momentum that is already building to tackle this important national issue. And I’m proud of the work Love of the Game has done in this field which includes encouraging the development of new technologies which will serve sports people of all ages and levels.”