Protect the Player. Protect the Sport

Why are we doing this? The answer is simple:

For the Love of the Game.


Love of the Game is a new campaign which seeks to reduce concussion-related issues arising from contact and non-contact sports. LOTG takes a solutions-based approach to…

A Message from Chairman Laurence Geller CBE

Our Mission

We are an impassioned community of athletes, players, fans, innovators and experts, united by our love of sport and the desire to, not only protect players of all ages from the…

A Message from President Simon Shaw MBE

Team Statement

Through Love of the Game’s unique network of supporters representing the UK’s major sports, government, academia, technology, science and business, we seek to drive awareness and funding of the research and development of practical and implementable solutions to aid in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of head injuries, concussion and related problems.

With our collective passion, goodwill and expertise our aim is to reduce, manage or cure concussion related injuries, ensure the longevity of players’ games and careers, and safeguard the integrity of the sports we know and love.

Love of the Game represents a meeting of minds from across sport, science, business, technology and government. With an open-source approach to information sharing and an unwavering focus on driving actionable solutions, the initiative will address the following three pillars of engagement:

  • Education
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Prevention

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Our Envisioned Future Includes

Love of the Game.


Recent research has shown that we can identify brain damage earlier, we can deal with the impact of concussion, we can repair vascular damage in the brain. Advances in science and technology have improved lives, made sport safer and continue to reduce risks.

The impact of concussion is not just felt by professional boxers, footballers, rugby players, cricketers, jockeys, cyclists and anyone in contact or impact risk sports, but by everyday club players who start before six and play beyond sixty – that regular seemingly innocuous repetitive small knock is a cumulative blow to them all.
However, we are not just stating a problem and creating awareness, we are solving the problem for players at all levels who are at risk of concussion and its impacts. We don’t want to change our games, we want to protect them and make them more enjoyable.


We are deeply sympathetic to former players suffering and seeking redress. However, the danger of litigation is that it will stop people playing, deter families from encouraging their children and loved ones to play, and diminish the sports we love.
We can solve this problem through action and awareness. We need to innovate through science and technology to save our sports and sportspeople.
We are academics, scientists, players and ex players, families, supporters and friends who want to improve outcomes for all players for the love of the game.