Keeping up with the latest concussion guidance for grassroots clubs and schools can be tough. So, Love of the Game has worked with edtechhuman to create an online course for all teachers, parents and coaches to familiarise themselves with the new DCMS guidelines (published 2023), completely free to access. The guidance has been developed as a minimum standard for grassroots participants in any sport, across the UK.  

Speaking on today’s launch, Simon Shaw said: 

“The ‘if in doubt, sit them out’ guidelines are a huge step in protecting our players. As kids go back to school and players return to training, we want to make sure as many people as possible are aware of the best ways to recognise and respond to concussion. With the continued effort of Love of the Game, we are able to provide education and resources for all, so we can safely play the sports we love.” 

You can download the full Guidelines document here:

“To preserve the immensity of sport we need to empower the players. What LOTG is doing in terms of protection from the risks of brain trauma is absolutely crucial and I support them wholeheartedly.”

Jonny Wilkinson

LOTG worked closely with the Government to develop the first concussion guidelines for grassroots sport. Now, as players return to school and training, LOTG are campaigning to increase awareness of the guidelines, which detail identification and response to sports-related concussion, with parents, teachers, and coaches.  

The “If in doubt, sit them out” guidelines, designed in conjunction with DCMS, provide a framework for recognising and managing concussion from the time of injury. Outlining steps from the initial injury to the safe return to play, they are intended for all who participate in grassroots sports, from primary school age up.  

Devised with a team of medical and sporting experts, including those from LOTG, the guidelines include assessment of any suspected concussion by an onsite healthcare professional or call to NHS 111 within 24 hours and a 24-hour break from play before gradual return to sport.