The Love of the Game aims to:

• Reduce risk to players and speed recovery
• Reduce risk of early onset dementia in athletes
• Maintain sports as we know and love them
• Reduce fear of taking part
• Lengthen sporting careers
• Encourage inter-sport collaboration on concussion-related issues

Our Mission

Protect the player. Protect the sport.

We are an impassioned group of athletes, players, fans, medics and innovators, united by our love of sport and the desire to protect players of all ages from the potentially devastating impact of concussion and other head injuries, in so doing, we also protect the sports we love.


Love of the Game (LOTG) is a campaign to reduce concussion-related issues across sport. LOTG takes a solutions-based approach, it develops rapid actionable technologies that prevent, diagnose and treat head injuries in sport.

Simon Shaw MBE

A Message from Our President

“As a former sportsperson competing at the highest level on the international stage, I’ve seen the impact of head injuries on those around me – and also felt it myself.

Sadly, too often it’s only after your career that you reflect on the risks taken and the damage you may have done to yourself. This is too late, particularly when it comes to our most important organ: our brains.

The long-term impact of head-related traumas due to the effects of concussions and other head injuries happens across many sports: rugby, football, cricket, horse racing, boxing, hockey and more. This is why Love of the Game doesn’t work in silos, but brings people together from across the sporting landscape – and further afield – to develop solutions, so that we can protect our players and protect our games.”

Simon Shaw MBE, Campaign President

Laurence Geller CBE

A Message from Our Chairman

“As a keen ex-rugby player, sports lover and dementia campaigner, who has seen first-hand the debilitating effects of dementia, witnessing the impact of concussion and other head-related injuries on players of all ages across all sports is deeply concerning –for them as individuals, their families and also for the future of sport more broadly.

Love of the Game is about bringing together my passion for sport and dementia research to drive awareness in and funding of specialist scientific, technological and medical solutions that will help prevent, diagnose, and treat those suffering. We have an opportunity to unite the best from the worlds of sport, science, business and government to tackle the most existential threat to our sports in a generation. Through Love of the Game we will protect our players and protect our games.”

Laurence Geller CBE, Campaign Chairman